Sadly, I am back from my amazing Hawaiin vacation.  I’ve decided to try and stay in lazy, happy go lucky vacation mode for as long as possible.  This means when people ask me complicated questions at work I will respond by simply saying “Hang loose.”  This also means I will spend my evenings with my feet up, drinking tropical concoctions and not cooking.  So until I get back to my busy body, type A lifestyle, here are a few photos for you to drool over.

The beauty above is called “Hula Pie” It’s an ice cream pie in an oreo crust smoothered in chocolate fudge and macadamia nuts. Between 5 girls, the thing was gone in under 2 seconds.  We had it at the Hula Grill in Waikiki – add it to your bucket list.

These babies are banana pancakes coated with macadamia nut syrup. It’s called syrup but it’s more like frosting. I absolutely do not want to know what it’s made with because it must be a perfect combination of everything horrible for you but it is so gosh darn delicious. You can find them at a little hole in the wall called Boots and Kimos in Kailua on Oahu.  The place is so teeny it doesn’t have a website, but you wouldn’t know by the lines out the door. Get there early if you go!